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Agenda: 2004-12-07 F2F, Redmond, WA US

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2004-12-13

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2004-12-20

Another way of thinking about EPRs

Are EPRs identifiers?

Editors drafts updated

Gudges's diagrams from today's F2F on EPR comparison

i0001: EPRs as identifiers - alternative proposal

i001: EPRs - identifiers

i001: EPRs as identifiers: update to EPR pros and cons by adding ref prop scenario

i008 - Marking RefProps/RefParams using attributes [Take #2]

i008 [was NEW ISSUE: Marking RefProps/RefParams using attributes]

i008: Wrapper proposal

i009 Cardinality of properties and their values

i014 - Metadata Update/Reconciliation: a proposal

i022: Relationship to the SOAP Binding Framework: a SOAP Request MEP and OneWay HTTP Binding

i033: reusing wsdli:wsdllocation

i034: computing default Action value for WSDL 2.0

i037: Replace QName's with anyURI

i038 - Scope of message addressing properties

i039 - Spec name versioning: proposal

i041: Use Cases for Testing

id and opacity of refp's

Issue i0001 - Clarification of "identifier"

Issue i017 - Purpose of the Action property -- my action item

Issue i020 - Addressing and WSDL

Issue i021 detailed proposal (was Re: Issue 021: WSDL Extension for Addressing)

Issue i034 — Action Defaults: porting back WSDL 2.0 CD to WSDL 1.1 proposal

Minutes of the 2004-11-29 teleconference

Minutes of the 2004-12-07 F2F

Minutes of the 2004-12-13 teleconfernece

Minutes of the 2004-12-20 teleconference

Minutes of WS-A F2F 2004-12-08 PM session

NEW ISSUE: Marking RefProps/RefParams using attributes

NEW ISSUE: Modifying EPR's

NEW ISSUE: Processing model for our faults

NEW ISSUE: Processing model for our faults [i040]

NEW ISSUE; wsa:To interaction with application protocols

new wsa:FaultTo text

Preliminary WS-addr F2f Thursday AM minutes

Problems with the SOAP binding

Proposal to close issue i010 as a dup of isue i023

Regrets for WS-A telcon 2004-12-20

security issues in the soap binding

xml:id and opacity of refp's

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