Re: i014 - Metadata Update/Reconciliation: a proposal

But then what the point of the comparison assertion then?  If anything 
could influence it, even the time of day, then WSA's claim about their 
equality is really meaningless - isn't it?  It seems that the metadata 
itself must be retrieved for the two EPR (and in their proper context) and 
then that metadata itself compared.  Perhaps the current (or suggested) 
text would make more sense if I understood the use-case it was addressing 
(no pun intended :-)  - does anyone have that?   And, if, as you suggest, 
its the application's job to take them all into account then the spec 
should probably say that since as written it implies that a simple EPR 
comparison is enough to draw some very broad conclusions.

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Re: i014 - Metadata Update/Reconciliation: a proposal

> It seems to me that there are lots of factors that may
> influence the metadata associated with an EPR and WSA can't possibly 
> them all into account.

WSA doesn't take them all into account; it requires the application(s)
involved to take them all into account.  That may be an undue burden.
Or not:  does "we're the same server" mean "we'll always answer the same
to everyone"?  Of course not.

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