Re: i014 - Metadata Update/Reconciliation: a proposal

* Doug Davis <> [2004-12-15 09:22-0500]
> But then what the point of the comparison assertion then?  If anything 
> could influence it, even the time of day, then WSA's claim about their 
> equality is really meaningless - isn't it?  It seems that the metadata 
> itself must be retrieved for the two EPR (and in their proper context) and 
> then that metadata itself compared.  Perhaps the current (or suggested) 
> text would make more sense if I understood the use-case it was addressing 
> (no pun intended :-)  - does anyone have that?   And, if, as you suggest, 
> its the application's job to take them all into account then the spec 
> should probably say that since as written it implies that a simple EPR 
> comparison is enough to draw some very broad conclusions.

My understanding is that this is for metadata caching purposes.

Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 2004 14:57:11 UTC