RE: i0001: EPRs as identifiers - alternative proposal

> Like +44 123 123 123#3456 3456 3456 3456?

Exactly! This is what I said in the second part of my last message. You
know that what follows '#' is your bank account number. That's the
identifier. The identifier is not the whole number as above. The
identifier has been decoupled from the access mechanism and endpoint of
the service (the telephone number). It can be used with a web interface.
The identifier is not an opaque entity which happens to also include
addressing information.

The bank never told you that the whole number above is your bank
account. Once you called the number, you had to type the identifier of
your account because that's what the particular protocol defined...
after the address type '#' and then your bank account number. You have
to participate in a specialised interaction.

Address != identifier!


Received on Saturday, 4 December 2004 00:08:01 UTC