Re: Issue i020 - Addressing and WSDL

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>>Specifically, I would like to understand why the wsdl service element
>>cannot be used here instead of wsa:EndpointReference ?
> Is this what WS-MessageDelivery does? 

Yes, WS-MD reuses existing WSDL elements/types where it can and 
leverages WSDL attribute/element extensibility where necessary.

> Does your question effectively
> argue that the relevant portions of WS-MessageDelivery should be used as
> the basis for the relevant portions of the WS-Addressing specification?

This is specific to whether we need new syntactic structures for 
addressing OR whether existing WSDL elements/types can be repurposed for 
addressing (if they serve the same purpose).

For example, WS-MD also defines mappings to WSDL MEPs/operations. 
WS-Addressing is also defining those mappings. I'm not suggesting that 
WS-Addressing should define such mappings in the same/similar way as WS-MD.

A bonus from such a reuse is, stacks that already understand WSDL 
elements/types don't have to do a whole lot more.

At the very least I would like to understand the rationale for/thinking 
behind inventing new syntactic structures.



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