Re: Editors drafts updated

>> I've checked in new versions of the editors drafts, these now include  
>> resolutions to all closed issues (at least all those that are shown  
>> as closed in our issues list) except: 19 (WSDL version neutrality),  
>> 32 (XML schema for constructs) and 33 (ref to WSDL doc in EPR):
> The resolutions to issues 19 and 33 are now also included.
It seems that the resolution to issue 32 is also already in the  
specification: "All information items defined by WS-Addressing are  
identified by the XML namespace URI [XML Namespaces]  
"". A normative XML Schema [XML  
Schema Structures, XML Schema Datatypes] document can be obtained by  
dereferencing the XML namespace URI."

The specification now reflects the resolutions to all closed issues -  
at least until Monday's meeting.

>> core.html
>> soap.html
>> wsdl.html

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Received on Thursday, 16 December 2004 18:58:08 UTC