RE: i0001: EPRs as identifiers - alternative proposal

> I don't see any difference between a resource oriented and a service
> oriented architecture in your terms.  I think that if any
> differentiation needs to be made, it is
> - whether the resource is accessed via a uniform interface or a custom
> interface,
> - whether the resource is stateful or stateless
> Dave

I agree about the differences you identify but I also see a difference
between a "bank account" and a "banking service". The first is a
resource while the second is a service. Calling the first a "service" or
the latter a "resource" just doesn't feel natural to me. Why do we
bother with Web _Services_ if everything is a resource?

If you live in a resource-only world like the Web, then I can see how
everything is seen as a resource. To some folks with object-oriented
background everything looks like an object. I wear service-only
"goggles" :-)))


Received on Thursday, 2 December 2004 20:18:45 UTC