Re: i014 - Metadata Update/Reconciliation: a proposal

* Doug Davis <> [2004-12-15 13:35-0500]
> I was thinking of the case of one service, one EPR (given to two different 
> clients) but two WSDLs depending on the type of user.
> Can you elaborate on your use-case (metadata caching purposes)?  If I'm 
> guessing correctly I can see doing that on the server-side since it will 
> probably know the full context - did you envision this being a 
> server-side-only feature?  Would almost have to be, I think, since as we 
> said there could lots be factors that could influence whether two EPR's 
> metadata/WSDL... are the same.  But, if this really is only a server-side 
> optimization then isn't that really an implementation choice/detail and 
> not something that should be in the WSA spec (or even perhaps left for the 
> WS-MDEX spec)?

Actually, I was thinking of client-side caching — Paco was first to
talk about caching on Monday —, where I have some policy statements
for a particular endpoint that I got from an EPR, and I get another
"equivalent" — should we define a term for those? — EPR, at which
point I can reuse the policy data I have already.

I agree that metadata can vary in lots of different ways, but this is
always true of any cached data. However, the WG decided to stay away
from talking about life cycle of EPRs in the spec; this can be done as
an extension, though.

I'd be interested to hear from the WS-Addressing Submission authors
about other use cases they had in mind.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 2004 18:55:10 UTC