Re: i037: Replace QName's with anyURI

* David Orchard <> [2004-12-03 06:56-0800]
> In general, +1.  It seems to me that any rationale for moving part of
> WSA QNames to URIs would be to provide some kind of benefit.  I'm not
> strongly against moving relationshipType to URIs, but I'd like a
> stronger reason than "because".

I think that the motivation is not just "because", but the TAG finding
on QNames that I'm sure you're familiar with:

| In so far as the identification mechanism of the Web is the URI and
| QNames are not URIs, it is a mistake to use a QName for identification
| when a URI would serve.

As this is internal to Addressing, it seems like a simple and natural
change to do.

So I quite like Harris's proposal.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Friday, 3 December 2004 19:35:07 UTC