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IndexedDB next steps (was "So...what's next?") Scott Rowe (Thursday, 31 January)

Save your work before 5:00 PST today (was Re: Save your work before 20:00 PT, Today.) Scott Rowe (Thursday, 31 January)

Save your work before 20:00 UTC, Today. Julee (Wednesday, 30 January)

"Session bug" (#19914) is back: add other errors when you find them. Julee (Wednesday, 30 January)

Session Timeout Bug Resolved? Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 29 January)

Draft blog post on CSS Regions Julee (Tuesday, 29 January)

Re: Responsive concept page on WPD Scott Rowe (Monday, 28 January)

CSS property pages: test runs Julee (Monday, 28 January)

Guide to implementing CSS property pages Chris Mills (Friday, 25 January)

Little experience? Volunteer! (CSS Properties project) Julee (Friday, 25 January)

Content Meeting in 20 minutes Julee (Friday, 25 January)

WebPlatform GitHub Account Doug Schepers (Friday, 25 January)

Suspending Q&A? Doug Schepers (Thursday, 24 January)

Contributor survey Scott Rowe (Thursday, 24 January)

Re: How to get article listed on concept page Scott Rowe (Thursday, 24 January)

Should sitemap file be dynamic? (associated bug#19539) Julee (Thursday, 24 January)

Re: Skill badges, mentors, and apprentices Janet Swisher (Wednesday, 23 January)

APIs Page Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 23 January)

Welcome Denis Ah-Kang Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 22 January)

sample CSS property page: font-size Mike Sierra (Monday, 21 January)

Draft Blog Post for W3Conf and Doc Sprint Doug Schepers (Monday, 21 January)

Important: Preserve Content Attribution Doug Schepers (Saturday, 19 January)

Preliminary CSS Property Priorities Alex Komoroske (Saturday, 19 January)

Anybody going to FOSDEM? Janet Swisher (Thursday, 17 January)

Doodle Poll for Meeting - GMT Julee (Thursday, 17 January)

Content Meeting in 1 hour Julee (Thursday, 17 January)

blog post for the Noun Project blog Chris Mills (Thursday, 17 January)

CSS Properties Milestone: Enumerating CSS Properties Alex Komoroske (Friday, 11 January)

Priority list for WPD work going forward Chris Mills (Friday, 11 January)

Re: Status Doc Sprint Berlin Feb 8+9 2013 Janet Swisher (Thursday, 10 January)

Re: Blog post for DocSprint Berlin Andre Jay Meissner (Thursday, 10 January)

Fwd: API Docs Proposal Jonathan Garbee (Thursday, 10 January)

Re: Proposal for updating links on Julee (Thursday, 10 January)

No Content TF Meeting this week - Next mtg 1/17. Julee (Thursday, 10 January)

Skip content meeting this week? Julee (Thursday, 10 January)

CSS Property Milestone Project Plan Alex Komoroske (Thursday, 10 January)

API Docs Proposal Scott Rowe (Thursday, 10 January)

Raw IRC notes: Community Telcon, 2012-01-08 Janet Swisher (Tuesday, 8 January)

RE: Beta Criteria Eliot Graff (Tuesday, 8 January)

Notes from Content TF Meeting 2012-01-03 Julee (Tuesday, 8 January)

APIs landing page version 1, done Chris Mills (Tuesday, 8 January)

Agenda: Community Telcon, 01-08-2013 Doug Schepers (Monday, 7 January)

New area for posting proposals Julee (Monday, 7 January)

Editors Guide proposed outline (Bug #20160) Julee (Monday, 7 January) translation to spanish Nestor Rojas (Monday, 7 January)

Re: [templates] Listing pages Scott Rowe (Friday, 4 January)

Project Management Proposal! Jonathan Garbee (Thursday, 3 January)

Blog Posters Scott Rowe (Thursday, 3 January)

Distributing bugs to share the workload? Julee (Thursday, 3 January)

Content TF Meeting NOW 20:00 UTC / 15:00 ET / Noon PT Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 3 January)

Content TF Meeting today? Julee (Thursday, 3 January)

# of comments indicator Lea Verou (Thursday, 3 January)

Re: Web Platform DocSprint Berlin Germany (Re: Minutes: Community Telcon, 04-12-2012) Tobie Langel (Thursday, 3 January)

Re: A finished icon proposal for the WPD main topics Sébastien Desbenoit (Thursday, 3 January)

WPD editing "feature" & solution David Gash (Thursday, 3 January)

Doc Sprint feedback questionnaire // Re: Doc Sprint Blog Post Andre Jay Meissner (Wednesday, 2 January)

RE: Admin Tool / MW .Net API/Bot + more David Kirstein (Tuesday, 1 January)

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