Re: sample CSS property page: font-size

Hi, folks-

Looking at Mike's revisiting of this page design, I was struck that the 
syntax and value information seems more immediately relevant to readers 
than the table of data (initial value, computed value, inherited, etc.).

Maybe that table should be moved down after the values?


On 1/21/13 1:21 PM, Mike Sierra wrote:
> In last Thursday's meeting I had an action item to mock together an
> ideal CSS property page for authors to refer to, along with the
> guidance to feel free to reorganize & throw out anything that didn't
> work well. I found it quite difficult to wrestle with the site's
> template system to get what I wanted, so I mirrored it & hacked on the
> page here:
> As you can see, I also mucked with the design a bit to compress the
> page wherever possible, and added an <iframe> to a simple tool showing
> what the CSS actually does. I think all CSS property pages should have
> a similar demo feature, especially once you head towards the
> difficult-to-understand ones like font-size-adjust. (I hope dabblet
> will allow direct embedding & can be modified with option lists for
> CSS keyword property values.)
> Any suggestions — content or formatting — please let me know. Thanks,
> --Mike Sierra

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