Re: Project Management Proposal!

Honestly there are a lot of issues in the proposal. In order to keep things
concise I rewrote it and put only the top things that came to my mind. The
main point went from full proposal to a starting point for more detailed
conversation. I know I can't think of everything so I gave up trying.

Now we at least have the beginnings of a blueprint to work on. A few points
have already been made which are changing the plan; I will be updating the
doc with updates from comments today so it will be more of a living doc
until we get a better way (if any) to evolve it.

Some things like dumping telecons is simply food for thought. Nothing
urgent to be discussed (or in my mind even serious) but sill something that
could be beneficial at some point.

As far as getting started does sound good as
the sub domain?


On Jan 4, 2013 3:31 AM, "Doug Schepers" <> wrote:
> Hi, Garbee-
> I don't agree with all of this, but I think it's a great effort to
summarize several related issues, and I think you've made some excellent
> Personally, I believe that the clearest, easiest, most productive, and
least controversial step we can take is to install, configure, and document
The Bug Genie for this project.
> We can keep talking about other parts of your proposal, but I'd like to
see us first tackle this one.
> Let's set up a time for you and Ryan to start on getting this
installation started.
> Regards-
> -Doug

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