Re: How to get article listed on concept page

Well, you found a bug. Although you did properly apply the topic tag,
"Mobile" to the debugging article, and that should have caused the query in
the concept page to find it, the "Design" topic tag was also checked and
that somehow caused the query to fail. I went ahead and unchecked "Design"
and it worked. The query reads as follows:


and that should read as "get anything in the Mobile category," but it also
excludes any articles that are "Mobile" AND something else like "Design" it

I'm CC'ing the community in case someone knows a way to fix the query. If
not, I'll file a bug. As I recall from my brief foray into the MediaWiki
Query documentation, these are severely limited - they only support AND,
not OR, and it could be that this is a MediaWiki bug.

Thanks Sam!


On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 5:38 AM, Sam Dutton <> wrote:

> Hey Scott
> Quick question: how do I get the Mobile debugging article<>listed on the Mobile
> concept page <>?
> The article has the Mobile topic selected -- not sure what else to do!
> Sam

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