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Oops, sorry for the potential confusion - the below two bullets are supposed to relate to one another - they are not two separate items.

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> * "The opening session, delivered by Mozilla's Janet Swisher and W3C's Doug Schepers, will feature Web Platform Docs and community involvement. Other speakers include CJ Gammon, Lea Verou, and Alexis Deveria, all of whom have contributed to The closing keynote is by Eric Meyer, and the browser panel will include a developer and designer from the audience [], to represent the view from the trenches."
> * All of this reads a bit flat - I would try to sex it up a bit by giving away some more details of what subjects the talks cover, and say why these things are exciting. For example, what can a design and developer from the tranches add to a browser wars type panel, which usually covers lot of high level stuff that only browser vendor people would kn

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