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Thanks, Doug. Sounds too complicated for the blog post, but should we add
something about this on


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>Hi, Julee-
>On 1/24/13 9:22 AM, Julee wrote:
>> What if someone donates a one-off article from their website or blog?
>> do they get attribution? J
>Great question.
>In the case of individual submissions, they are available from the
>submission logs (page history), which links to the contributor's profile
>page, from which they can link to their own blog or website.
>We don't yet have a mechanism for noting small numbers of articles from
>external sources (like personal blogs). Ultimately, we would like to
>have a way for someone to note their own original source, and expose
>that a little more clearly, maybe in a sidebar.
>But there is a usability and tracking cost to noting 3rd-party
>submissions; we don't want to overwhelm our users with too much
>meta-data about the content.
>The chief reason we add 3rd-party source attribution to the page is that
>MediaWiki doesn't quite have the right source-tracking mechanism for
>us... ideally, for each submission, you could note a 3rd-party source
>document, and it would just be folded into the page history, and exposed
>when someone looks specifically for the attribution.
>In fact, the main reason we started doing that is related to our
>license; MDN is only available under CC-BY-SA, which is different (and
>somewhat incompatible) to our site-wide license of CC-BY, so any
>material under that license needed to be called out. Once we started
>exposing that, we needed to be fair in how we treated all of our
>The list of those large-scale contributors is not static, nor dependent
>upon being a steward. If SitePoint or HTML Dog (both very good sites
>with a lot of good information) wanted to donate their material under
>the appropriate license, we would be happy to add them.

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