IndexedDB next steps (was "So...what's next?")

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Lance Leonard <>

> Hi Scott and Janet,
> Since Iím new to WDP/IndexedDB party, would you mind helping me get caught
> up?  Whatís next?  When do we need it?  Etc?
> **
> Iíve already signed up on WPD (and Bugzilla) and started looking at the
> various links earlier in the thread that Eliot brought me into.  Is there
> more homework/setting up that I need to do? ****
> Thanks in advanceÖ
> **
> -- Lance

Hi Lance!

The IndexedDB <> content
currently on WPD came from Microsoft (but you knew that). It needs
considerable in-filling and reinforcement, as most of the pages are
incomplete. The IndexedDB content has been nominated as the first of
several APIs for which we are hoping to "borrow" content from the Mozilla
Developer Network <> (MDN)
under the larger API Docs

The reason we covet the MDN content is that it is very, very good; it has
been vetted thoroughly by many experts close to the technology, and it is
widely used by many other interested parties. Rather than reinvent the
wheel, a tedious, time-consuming exercise that many of us would rather not
have to repeat (speaking for myself as one of those who contributed to the
IndexedDB content on MDN), we would like to bring this content into WPD.

The IndexedDB content on MDN also provides us with an opportunity to build
a bridge from the MDN to WPD. We'd like to have MDN community members
participate in WPD, and we hope that those who have contributed to the
IndexedDB content on MDN will continue to contribute to it on WPD.

So, now to your question. The next steps involve getting permission from
the authors of the IndexedDB content on MDN. This is necessary because MDN
content is under a CC BY SA license, and copying it to WPD will effectively
change the license under which the content is controlled because WPD's
license is CC BY (no SA).

While we're exploring ways to automate (if only partially) this process for
other content from MDN, Janet Swisher and I are working on approaching the
IndexedDB authors directly. This spreadsheet
<>summarizes the pages and authors of MDN's
IndexedDB content. We are
concocting an e-mail that we will send to each author asking for permission.

Once we have obtained the necessary permissions for a given article, we
will be free to copy content from that article. As an expert in IndexedDB,
you will have an opportunity to take this content and augment it further.
If you would like to begin contributing your original content to the extant
IndexedDB content on WPD, you should not hesitate! It would be great for
you to get started as soon as possible.

I suggest that you first get familiar with the API Docs
Project<> and
the guide to Creating API
as well as the extant
IndexedDB<>content on
WPD. There are a number of outstanding
documenting APIs in WPD concerned with the templates and other
mechanisms that need to be fixed. Moreover, we (me, Dave
continue to work on the API Project, albeit in a reduced capacity while we
wait for the CSS Properties project to be completed, and refine the process
so we can get others involved when they are available. With you coming on
board now we can use you to review the project docs and methodology. Please
have a look and report your findings, comments, and questions. Thanks for
being the Guinea pig!

Finally (and I do apologize for running on here), this project is being
conducted entirely in the open on WPD and this
public-webplatform@w3.orge-mail list. All communication is a matter of
public record, and anyone is
welcome to participate.

Thanks Lance - and everyone!

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