Raw IRC notes: Community Telcon, 2012-01-08

jswisher: chrismills: Start with going through action items
[11:07am] jkomoros: Meeting Notes: Community Telcon, 2012-12-11
[11:08am] shepazu: oh
[11:08am] shepazu: is anyone on the call?
[11:08am] chrismills: yes
[11:08am] . shepazu what's the code?
[11:08am] jkomoros: 6654824671
[11:08am] jswisher: jkomoros: carried over action items:
[11:09am] jswisher: jkomoros: Garbee to continue working on solution for 
bug tracking: DONE!
[11:09am] shepazu: can someone else please chair?
[11:09am] jkomoros: OLD ACTION, Alex K: Implement attributes/actions 
stuff (carried over)
[11:09am] jkomoros: OLD ACTION, NotTomato: Follow up with Doug on 
creating the new user group, and getting the templates user groups 
sorted. Status: NotTomato is not in this call. Did she follow up with 
@shepazu? Yes, but no futher progress can be made until upgrade is finished.
[11:10am] chrismills: shepazu - Alex and I are sharing chair duties
[11:10am] jswisher: jkomoros: Carried over, now that upgrade has happened
[11:11am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug S: Write up proposal for usage of data 
from caniuse, quirks mode, etc. on Wiki, and send link to list (carried 
[11:11am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug S: Approach Event Apart folks about 
doing WPD doc sprints to tie into their events.
[11:11am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug S: Make more progress towards hosting 
Webplatform skin on GitHub
[11:11am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug S: Post a proposal to the list about 
best solution for duplicate title problem
[11:12am] jswisher: chrismills: Made a workaround via CSS
[11:12am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug S: Send summary to mailing list of 
everything he can find to do with statistics
[11:12am] jswisher: jkomoros: If a page is not a real content page, the 
page title doesn't show; have to add it manually
[11:13am] jkomoros: ACTION, Doug: follow up with Ryan about the session 
handling/login issues - most urgent bug right now. Status: Supposedly 
not supposed to modifying some files. But @Doug doesn't know what the 
originals were supposed to be. Ryan hasn't been available. Missed a 
meeting. If anyone knows about MediaWiki skinning, please help. 
Otherwise @shepazu will work on it on his own. Fixing these files should 
make it easier to upgrade in the futu
[11:14am] jkomoros: ACTION, Desbenoit: sort out Windows font bug, see 
https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=19369. Status: Judging 
from bug, looks like progress has been made, but also carrying over.
[11:15am] jswisher: Need a Windows user to reproduce (Eliot?)
[11:16am] jswisher: Fixed now
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[11:16am] desbenoit: my connection's got lost
[11:16am] jswisher: AGENDUM: Proposal for first milestone
[11:17am] jswisher: jkomoros: There's so much to do, it's hard to focus.
[11:17am] shepazu: agenda+ telcons, meeting times, and number
[11:17am] desbenoit: I see some improvements in the fonts, is there 
config where it looks tricky?
[11:17am] jswisher: ... It would help to have a crisp milestone to focus on
[11:18am] jswisher: ... Propose getting CSS property docs into tip-top shape
[11:18am] julee: +1
[11:18am] jswisher: ... There's only about 80 properties or so, so it's 
[11:19am] jswisher: ... One of the most searched for types of docs
[11:20am] jswisher: ... Rather than try to get everything out of alpha 
at the same time, do one topic area at a time
[11:20am] jswisher: ... If Chrome Dev Tools can link to it, it would 
help bring people to the site and remind them that we're here
[11:21am] jswisher: chrismills: Great idea, blindingly obvious when you 
say it
[11:22am] jswisher: ... Could perhaps push other dev tools teams to do 
something similar
[11:22am] jswisher: shepazu: CSS properties are incrementally but 
rapidly changing, desperately need good current docs
[11:23am] jswisher: ... Can still have people focusing on other things, 
if that's their interest, but the chief project focus will be CSS for now
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[11:24am] jswisher: chrismills: Love the idea of topic-focused teams.
[11:25am] jswisher: jkomoros: Like Wikipedia "Projects".
[11:25am] jswisher: ... But really want a primary focus on one topic 
(CSS Properties).
[11:26am] jswisher: Eliot: Just joined, getting the gist: can you repeat 
the bit about Chrome Dev Tools?
[11:27am] jswisher: jkomoros: Chrome Dev Tools want to have a feature 
where you click on a property and link to WPD doc for that property.
[11:27am] jswisher: Eliot: Why CSS and not HTML?
[11:27am] jswisher: jkomoros: 1) The Chrome Dev Tools team asked about it
[11:27am] jswisher: ... 2) It's finite and manageable
[11:28am] jswisher: ... 3) It's one of the most needed topics
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[11:28am] jswisher: shepazu: Also, HTML is pretty well-known, so docs 
are less urgently needed
[11:29am] jswisher: ... Would love it if other dev tools had a similar 
[11:29am] jswisher: jkomoros: Speaking with Chrome project manager hat 
on, that would be totally cool
[11:29am] jswisher: julee: This would be a great project for Adobe to 
work on, too
[11:31am] jswisher: chrismills: It would be great if Adobe could use 
this instead of making deals with book publishers
[11:31am] jswisher: julee: Logistics question: We might have 
requirements about the structure of the pages. Anyone can add to 
requirements, right?
[11:32am] jswisher: ... Is Bug Genie ready to use?
[11:32am] jswisher: jkomoros: I propose getting one article to exemplary 
status, and use it as a model for other articles
[11:32am] jswisher: ... then we can have owners for all the other 
articles, track progress, etc.
[11:33am] jswisher: julee: Can we have a team for quality assurance? 
I.e., ensure requirements are met and quality is up to standard?
[11:33am] jswisher: jkomoros: Yes, sure. Don't want people sitting 
around waiting for someone else to write something, but that can be a 
known task.
[11:34am] jswisher: chrismills: When Bug Genie is set up, maybe we can 
have copyediting & QA as a defined step in the process
[11:35am] sierra_: re "80 CSS properties", I just checked Computed 
Styles for Chrome, Safari, Firefox & found a combined 269
[11:35am] jswisher: shepazu: We are prioritizing installing Bug Genie, 
so it should be done Real Soon Now
[11:35am] jswisher: jkomoros: If this proposal sounds good, I'm happy to 
be the program manager for this effort
[11:36am] jswisher: Eliot: I have someone who could be ideal, but he 
won't be on board for a couple of weeks
[11:36am] jswisher: jkomoros: I can get it started and hand it off to 
that person.
[11:37am] jswisher: ... I'll come up with a project plan.
[11:37am] jswisher: Eliot: If we can create a process, different areas 
can be on different phases at the same time.
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[11:38am] jswisher: shepazu: I think we should focus on the areas of 
most dramatic growth, which won't be covered well by other sites
[11:38am] jswisher: ... Those areas are CSS (properties and also other 
bits), and APIs
[11:39am] jswisher: ... Those are the most complex and fast-changing areas.
[11:39am] jswisher: ... Another focus: getting good basic support for 
HTML elements
[11:39am] jswisher: ... Needed for "101" info
[11:39am] jswisher: ... APIs need to be broken down and prioritized
[11:40am] jswisher: ... After APIs, Javascript is more important than 
SVG, MathML, or even DOM
[11:41am] jswisher: chrismills: That sounds like a decent order to put 
things in
[11:41am] jswisher: ... APIs and JavaScript are so huge, that may need 
to be a separate background process
[11:42am] jswisher: shepazu: There are existing good sources for JS, 
like MDN, but APIs are faster changing
[11:42am] jswisher: ... Highest priority should be things you can use today
[11:43am] jswisher: ... Than anything that has two or more implementations
[11:43am] jswisher: ... Then lastly anything that is still in flux
[11:44am] jswisher: scottrowe: It would be helpful to import some 
content from MDN, such as IndexedDB and File API
[11:44am] jswisher: shepazu: scottrowe: are you willing to be API czar?
[11:44am] jswisher: scottrowe: yes
[11:44am] jswisher: shepazu: Can you make a proposal to the mailing list?
[11:44am] desbenoit: API czar? We need a badge for it.
[11:45am] chrismills:
[11:45am] jswisher: shepazu: It should be fairly easy to identify all 
the authors of those API docs, and get their consent to use it under CC-BY
[11:46am] jswisher: jswisher: I can help with figuring out that process
[11:47am] sierra_: pls include me about APIs
[11:48am] jswisher: scottrowe: there was discussion about having some 
kind of check box for people to give their approval for that
[11:49am] jswisher: jswisher: That's on my plate, and need to start 
moving it forward. Requires both technical and legal movement from 
Mozilla. Will keep you posted.
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[11:50am] jswisher: scottrowe: I have a little list of APIs I want to 
pull over, and I've already started with GamePad API, which was written 
by a single Google-affiliated author
[11:51am] jswisher: shepazu: Also, it would be good to go out and look 
for articles "in the wild" about these APIs and invite those authors to 
help with docs on WPD
[11:52am] jswisher: ... In other words, don't just get content, get the 
[11:53am] jswisher: scottrowe: I think it would be good get a written 
list of priorities
[11:54am] jswisher: ACTION: chrismills to write up a wiki page with 
priorities for topic areas, with a rationale for each
[11:54am] chrismills: ...as part of overall doc with tasks leading up to 
alpha and beyond..
[11:54am] chrismills: one priority is CSS prioperties, because it is 
reusable in tool chain - Chrome dev tools
[11:56am] jswisher: AGENDUM: community meeting time
[11:57am] jswisher: shepazu: This time is really inconvenient, can we 
change it?
[11:57am] jswisher: julee: We also have the Content TF meeting
[11:57am] jswisher: shepazu: Could we extend that one by half an hour, 
and just have one meeting?
[11:58am] jswisher: Eliot: Let's not extend the time, because we will 
fill the time if it's available
[11:59am] jswisher: PROPOSED: Combine the Community and Content 
meetings, in the Content time slot on Thursday
[12:00pm] peterlubbers: The perfect meeting: http://goo.gl/BCTm0
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[12:00pm] jswisher: ACTION: chrismills to write a blog post about "how 
we're working" including meeting times and priorities
[12:00pm] chrismills: not listening
[12:00pm] chrismills: thanks all.
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