Re: Content Meeting in 1 hour

Sorry, I can't make this tonight. I'm finding this 8pm meeting increasing hard to make ;-(

weren't we supposed to be amalgamating this with the general meeting? If so, can we change the time (again) to make it a couple of hours earlier? Sorry for asking this again, I know it's a pain.

Re: the below items:

* I made loads of progress on filling in  the master CSS properties list today, building on top of Alex's great work. I'll try to finish this list tomorrow.
* Global navigation - I'm assuming you mean the global WPD menu, not the menu on Lea was supposed to be creating a prototype for this, but she now has limited availability due to a bereavement in her family. We might want to explore a different way forward on this.

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On 17 Jan 2013, at 18:58, Julee <> wrote:

> Hello:
> Let's meet today and go over the following agenda items:
> 	 Scott's API proposal
> 	 CSS Properties milestones.
> 	 Status on "discoverability"
> 		 Search
> 			 Do we have an interim solution we can implement quickly & easily
> 			 We're going to put a search box on the main page
> 		 Global nav
> 		 In-context ToCs
> 	 Anything blocking you from creating great content?
> 	 Any new or notable content to promote?
> Sound good?
> Julee
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> @adobejulee

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