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On 1/23/13 9:01 PM, Alex Komoroske wrote:
> We need to carefully think about the compatibility table design; this 
> is a complex area and we shouldn't jump into a given design without 
> considering the consequences. Font-size is a pretty straightforward 
> property, but other complications to consider include: how to show 
> that support started prefixed at one version and unprefixed at 
> another, as well as how to include information about sub-compatiblity 
> information. For example, MDN's box-shadow page [1] has four separate 
> rows for basic support, multiples, inset, and spread radius. That 
> said, I like this compatibility design a fair bit; the use of color 
> for supported status makes it work both at a glance and when you want 
> specific versions.
> Thanks for doing such an awesome job on this!
> --Alex
> [1]
The HTML <input> element is my standard example of a worst-case scenario 
for compatibility tables:

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