Re: Skill badges, mentors, and apprentices

The badges concept is for recognition of your work as Scott has said. They
are also aimed at helping other people know where your expertise lies or
show what you have done for the community. Like for example on job
applications and social profiles. If people try to show these badges off on
an application or their linkedin profile then it could seem like more of a
joke to people looking at it rather than an accomplishment of some kind.
For the badges system I'd like to see non-funny titles, no matter how much
we may enjoy them amongst ourselves.

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 9:39 PM, Janet Swisher <> wrote:

>  On 1/24/13 2:38 AM, S├ębastien Desbenoit wrote:
> Thanks Janet.
>  It's quite inspiring but it would ask some work to build a neat
> monitoring, isn't it?
>  If we could, base on this referential, we could add to our research
> For different part of templates:
> - Compatibility lab-rat,
> - Example adventurer,
> - Snippet wizard,
> - Links matchmaker (for related articles),
> - Spec connoisseur,
> - ...
>  For the different parts:
> - Conceptual philosopher, (for those who works on concepts)
> - Apiarist (Api),
> - Schoolmaster (Beginers guide),
> - ...
>  For the badges, we could inspire us from those awesome mozilla icons but
> I feel like we should have our own style badges (we could stard with the
> mozillians in order to act fast).
>  Totally agree that WPD should have its own set of badges and its own
> style. I just meant to share this for inspiration :-)
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