Re: Priority list for WPD work going forward

Wow, Chris! Thanks for this exhaustive (and exhausting) list.

One thing, the API Docs project is definitely going to take longer than a
month. With the Resources arm of the rubber triangle not known, it is
difficult to gage how long, but Dave and I are in the midst of scoping the
work and planning for recruitment (yes, posters, too).

We'll want to marshall forces for the CSS Properties project first,
however. A lot of work could get done during the doc sprint.


On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Chris Mills <> wrote:

> As actioned in Monday's meeting, I have started to draw up a list of
> different tasks that we want to do to sort content out going forward,
> arranged in a priority list. I haven't finished it yet; I wanted to get
> some feedback from everyone before going any further
> Is this a useful way to represent the data? When TBG is set up, we can
> probably move it there, which will allow a much more intelligent
> structuring of the work.
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