Suspending Q&A?

Hi, folks-

Garbee had mentioned this before, and I recently heard another 
suggestion about it.

It was my decision to introduce the Q&A/forum feature, and I'd hoped it 
would be a way to get feedback, but as Garbee pointed out, we arguably 
have too many ways to provide feedback, and not enough time to process 
them all.

It doesn't paint us in the best light to have a prominent feature that 
is going neglected while we concentrate on the documentation. And we do 
need to concentrate on the documentation.

We are on the verge of installing and focusing on our issue tracking 
software, which will replace our bugzilla usage, and will hopefully be 
better integrated into our whole system, including the wiki commenting 

I propose that we suspend the Q&A feature for now, until the site is 
more useful and we have a larger community to help drive it. I feel 
strongly that once we have compelling documentation, the Q&A feature 
will be more useful... we can point to our own documentation, or the 
dabblet, to answer questions.

Publicly, we would explain how we are focusing on getting the 
documentation right first, and that it is a temporary suspension, and it 
will be reopened when we exit Alpha.



Received on Thursday, 24 January 2013 23:23:33 UTC