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Thanks so much for pulling this together!!!!!!

This is loooooooooooooooooong. We see participation drop off with way fewer questions than this. I suspect that the first page might get results and then.......

For what's there:
Question 13: Add "Word of mouth"
Questions 26-31: provide links to example pages where appropriate?
Question 35: Need a "Other" or none of the above



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Hi, Scott-

Looks great!

I think Jay has some good points.

I noticed a couple of things, too:
* #3 s/company/organization/
* Maybe tell people how many pages it is?
* Move the last question, #39, to the 3rd page, to make the survey seem shorter... I always dread hitting 'continue' in surveys.


On 1/24/13 5:22 PM, Andre Jay Meissner wrote:
> Hey Scott,
> love to see this evolving + great work! Here are my comments:
>  1. As a rule of thumb, ideally, the first survey page should not
>     contain more than *one* absolute no brainer question. Something like
>     "yes I want to proceed/no", "I am male/female", "I like/dislike"...
>     sth like that. Do not ask for the userID as the first question, do
>     this as the LAST one (when the form is filled out. Yes, you can
>     invite for lunch at that later time as well ;))!
>  2. I would move the whole "You and your work" section to the end. Ask
>     the private stuff in the end.
>  3. #2 Designerdeveloper, Developerdesigner, Designstudent...? I suggest
>     to use checkboxes, not radios, here. Or provide a ton more options.
>     Or not ask for profession/job title, ask for experience
>     (checkboxes). Like that.
>  4. I don't get the "(#!%*@!!!)" at #5 - sorry.
>  5. #5: include "not sure" and/or "don't know" as options  6. #6 needs 
> more explanantion (like examples/links, imagine noobs
>     facing this question) and/or a "not sure" option  7. #11: Huh??? 
> If you want to do conditional question blocks maybe
>     phrase a bit different and/or ask this as one of the first questions?
>  8. #12: hehe, date field, huh? ;)=
>  9. #12ff: doublecheck "Doc Sprint" spelling 10. #14/15: consider 
> people answering the question AT the Doc Sprint 11. #33 link to 
> examples (and do that with similar stuff as well) 12. #34 wow, that's 
> hard to answer for people NOT following all our
>     conversations... ;)=
> 13. #33, #34, #35, +… add a "don't know" option == "Hey Scott I didn't
>     get the question but WANT to answer and help you to improve this survey!
> In general, with close to 40 questions, consider to let the user 
> decide if he/she wants to take the short or long route as a first or 
> second question, and build a conditional route to the longer version 
> after approx. 2 minutes into the survey. It's much harder to build 
> that path, but quite doable on this topic - and it will deliver better 
> results as if people begin to rush through non-mandatory fields to get to an end...
> HTH *Jay
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>     Please review this WPD Contributor Survey <> and
>     append your comments and suggestions to this thread.
>     Note: this is not yet a formal survey. If you do submit it, your
>     responses won't count. We will ask you to formally take the survey
>     as soon as it is finalized.
>     The purpose of this survey is to start developing some metrics
>     around the community composition (who are you people?), doc sprints,
>     site usability, and community involvement.
>     Many of the questions anticipate (ahem) improvements, and the survey
>     will establish a baseline for future surveys. So don't be surprised
>     if we ask questions that cover obviously broken functionality.
>     The survey will be available via a link on WPD (haven't decided
>     where yet), and I'm planning on testing the survey at the Berlin doc
>     sprint.
>     Thanks!
>     +Scott

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