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[All] Edits for [issue-68] and [ACTION-461] - Please review content on "Text Analysis" Lieske, Christian (Sunday, 31 March)

ISSUE-119: ITS RDF Ontology creation [MLW-LT Standard Draft] Jirka Kosek (Friday, 29 March)

ISSUE-117: Issues in Note in 2.1.2 Jirka Kosek (Friday, 29 March)

ISSUE-116: space normalization in ITS loc note Jirka Kosek (Friday, 29 March)

Re: I18N-ISSUE-247: Clarify interpretation of line breaks when calculating storage size [ITS-20] Jirka Kosek (Friday, 29 March)

Congratulations! Felix Sasaki (Friday, 29 March)

AW: paper accepted at Open Data on the Web workshop Olaf-Michael Stefanov (Thursday, 28 March)

AW: [pub] Presentation accepted for LocWorld Olaf-Michael Stefanov (Thursday, 28 March)

[pub] Presentation accepted for LocWorld Yves Savourel (Thursday, 28 March)

Fwd: [Bug 21421] New: add aria-label to list of translatable attributes in html 5.1 Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 28 March)

Happy Easter! Tatiana Gornostay (Thursday, 28 March)

paper accepted at Open Data on the Web workshop Dave Lewis (Thursday, 28 March)

[All] various edits, please review diffs Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 28 March)

Issue-81: Discussion about where to put mapping Arle Lommel (Thursday, 28 March)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-124: Localization Quality Issue Types use RFC2119 values improperly MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 28 March)

ACTION-469: Make the edit for issue-99 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 27 March)

ACTION-467: Make change for issue-123 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 27 March)

[Minutes and meeting time] MLW-LT call 2013-03-27 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 27 March)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 27 March, 1 p.m. UTC Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 27 March)

[Issue-55] ITS/XLIFF mapping Yves Savourel (Tuesday, 26 March)

Closing: ITS 2.0 Last Call comment [Issue-78] I18N-ISSUE-203: Use of rel values in HTML Dr. David Filip (Tuesday, 26 March)

AW: Re: Typo on the spec Felix Sasaki (Friday, 22 March)

AUTO: CN=Phil Ritchie/O=VISTATEC is out of the office. (returning 25/03/2013) Phil Ritchie (Friday, 22 March)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-123: provenance in HTML5 needed globally? [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 22 March)

Re: ISSUE-72: Provenance Data Category - same for locQualityIssue? Felix Sasaki (Friday, 22 March)

Typo on the spec Pablo Nieto Caride (Thursday, 21 March)

Re: ACTION-437: Make edit for for issue-70, see , and go back to chase (MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group) Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 21 March)

mlw-lt-track-ISSUE-122: Need of ITS version information at standff (provenance or loc quality issue) [MLW-LT Standard Draft] MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 21 March)

Re: ACTION-429: Check xliff ITS mapping namespace hosting in w3c (MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group) Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 21 March)

Re: [ACTION-413] CSS and XPath selectors conversion libraries Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 21 March)

Re: ISSUE-118: HTML ITS default behaviour - starting point, ACTION-452 Karl Fritsche (Wednesday, 20 March)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-03-20 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 20 March)

ISSUE-121: add a negation flag to locale filter Re: "Saying that something is not in a locale" with BCP 47 Dr. David Filip (Wednesday, 20 March)

Do we need a local markup for Domain & resourceRef Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 20 March)

Upcoming f2f in Bled, Slovenia (May 7-8) - please confirm your attendance Tadej Stajner (Wednesday, 20 March)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 20 March, 1 p.m. UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 19 March)

Re: Standoff experiment plus observations Phil Ritchie (Tuesday, 19 March)

[Issue-68] Disambiguation (and term) - Steady state for Update of Specification, correct? Lieske, Christian (Monday, 18 March)

[All] no call today Felix Sasaki (Monday, 18 March)

[ISUEE-120] Standoff direction Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 13 March)

[LT-Web] Whitespaces missing in the spec. Mārcis Pinnis (Tuesday, 12 March)

AW: Re: 11 evening Olaf-Michael Stefanov (Monday, 11 March)

11 evening Yves Savourel (Sunday, 10 March)

[Luxembourg participants] needed for agenda by Monday 9 a.m. CET Felix Sasaki (Sunday, 10 March)

issue-118 (Fwd: [Bug 21084] Clarify that only certain attributes need translation, such as alt="", title="", lang="", perhaps href="", hreflang="", but not attributes such as class=""/id=""/style="".) Felix Sasaki (Saturday, 9 March)