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Hi David, all,

maybe there is no need for one after all.

There is an "ITS Extension" namespace already (

This has been used for several years to markup extensions to ITS after 1.0, trying to gather new features for 2.0.
See for example:

So far I had not thought about this namespace as a place to specify the "missing" parts for mapping to XLIFF and other formats, but thinking more about it there is no reason that could be used for this.

As long as the different elements and attributes are clearly defined and have an explanation on where they should be used.


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Yves, I agree the UL hosting of the namespace is of course just a stop gap measure.
We are happy and ready to hand over to W3C at any moment.
@Felix, did you look into W3C hosting of the namespace? Did I miss it?

Discussing it with Dave et al., we figured that other mappings might be in need of similar extensions, Dave has some RDF related examples on the wiki.
So the idea is to have itsx: and call it "ITS Extensions" and use it for any extensions that are required for mapping into different vocabularies.
Sean will circulate the URL and the initial xsd that we are going to use in Rome. The xsd will be placed onto GitHub, so that others can contribute to it until the namespace is taken over by W3C, and managed via a W3C process.


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On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:04 AM, Yves Savourel <> wrote:
> Hi Dave, David, all,
> Last conference call I think David noted that UL was ready to host a 
> namespace URI for the extra namespace we need for the extra attributes 
> needed to cover the lack of direct mapping (the itsx namespace 
> described at 
> I think the real namespace should be hosted by either the W3C or by OASIS and it needs to be set up soon. We don't want to start generating XLIFF documents for production with a temporary namespace.
> cheers,
> -yves

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