Re: [ISSUE-55] XLIFF mapping - update to mtconfidence and domain

On 18/03/2013 17:14, Yves Savourel wrote:
> How do we represent mt-confidence in alt-trans and how that gets back into the original document (if at all).

For returning to the original document, is it safe to assume this would 
never be trasnposed directly from the alt trans, i.e. it would only get 
into the target document if it was in the trans-unit/target unit?

For the current CMS-LION-SOLAS implementation, we use quality-match and 
origin in alt trans (based on the principle of using native XLIFF 
attributes where-ever possible), but then copy the score to 
its:mtconfidence in the trans-unit/target if and only if the text is not 
touched by postediting.

There is the problem you inidciate below that this means we don't have 
annotatorRef value for the use of mtConfidence (you are correct, using 
'mt' in the alt-trans.origin doesn't offer anything useful here). In our 
particular use case, we can derive the annotator ref from the provenance 
relationship. This may be useful best practice, but that's no help if 
your implementation dosn't use provenance.

In general we probably do need to condier what is best practice in the 
three use cases:
a) ITS for source to XLIFF mapping
b) ITS generated from one XLIFF component and consumed by another XLIFF 
c) ITS in XLIFF to ITS in target document

and perhaps live with the best practice not being the same in each case.

The main question at this point though, after the burst of 
implementaiton for Rome, do we think there are any ITS-XLIFF mapping 
issues that will impact the ITS draft?

If not, perhaps we should focus on getting the draft complete now and 
thenreturn to documenting the mapping after that.


> for using quality-match in alt-trans: I suppose the value of quality-match is so loose that I suppose it can include the mt-confidence. But I'm really not sure that in such case the origin must be 'MT'. Origin is already in use today for indicating more specific information (e.g. not just MT but Google-Translate or Bing-Translator for example).
> Having origin set to 'mt' or not doesn't really bring anything to the mapping.

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