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CFP: IEEE/WIC/ACM Web Intelligence 2004 WI/IAT Conference Secretariat (Friday, 26 December)

Expires header vs Vary header Julian Reschke (Monday, 8 December)

FW: I-D ACTION:draft-gettys-http-v11-spec-rev-00.txt Larry Masinter (Friday, 5 December)

why am i receiving these emails????? Oz Shazz (Monday, 1 December)

RFC 2617 Authentication sessions Adam Roach (Wednesday, 26 November)

Final (?) procedural question. Jim Gettys (Wednesday, 26 November)

Proxy Error 502 sachin surana (Wednesday, 26 November)

RFC 2617 Authentication and character sets revisited Yngve N. Pettersen (Developer Opera Software ASA) (Wednesday, 26 November)

RE: OPTIONS * (Was: RE: Comments on draft-dusseault-http-patch-00) Larry Masinter (Tuesday, 25 November)

OPTIONS * Julian Reschke (Monday, 24 November)

Re: idempotence of POST Dave Oxley (Thursday, 20 November)

Should I implement response to "HEAD" request? Alexey Tal (Monday, 17 November)

Relative ordering of fields in HTTP request Srikanth Kandula (Wednesday, 5 November)

Redirection MUST NOTs Mark Baker (Monday, 3 November)

Chained proxies, persistent connections, authentication Rob Maidment (Thursday, 23 October)

Canceling a HTTP request Charumathy Venkatraman (Monday, 20 October)

Basic Authentication Denero Watz (Thursday, 2 October)

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