> Specific text is essential - I'd suggest some form of exactly what
> text you would replace with exactly what it should become, because
> it's the only way to get it reviewed.  Don't wait long - to quote from
> the errata page:
>    New drafts of [RFCs 2616 & 2617] are being prepared now,
>    incorporating all of the following corrections, in preparation for
>    requesting that they be advanced to full Standard status. If you
>    have an issue with any of these resolutions, or if you think that
>    you've found another, you should post it to the HTTP Working Group
>    list and get the issue discussed there as soon as possible.

Yes, like I've done 90% of the work on a new draft, and was expecting
to/expect to issue a draft this week.

Text and discussion should be *now*.

					- Jim

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HP Labs, Cambridge Research Laboratory

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