Re: Chained proxies, persistent connections, authentication

[Rob Maidment: Oct 23 15:31]
> I am currently investigating a problem that occurs in this type of scenario:
> browser -> proxy1 -> proxy2 -> server
> Proxy1 is actually a Squid proxy, it is passing though the end-user
> authentication to proxy2.  The problem occurs because proxy1 is reusing
> connections to proxy2 for requests from different users, but proxy2 is only
> authenticating the first request on each new connection.  This means that
> subsequent requests are not being authenticated, and these requests are
> being treated as if they originated from the first user to use the
> connection.  
> Which proxy is at fault?  I understood that one of the intended benefits of
> persistent connections was that a proxy would only have to authenticate the
> first request on each connection, which is a huge performance benefit.  

proxy2 is at fauilt. HTTP transactions are stateless.

Received on Thursday, 23 October 2003 10:36:02 UTC