Re: Support for POST

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Charumathy Venkatraman wrote:

> I hope this is not too much off topic, but I am currently testing my
> HTTP client with Microsoft IIS server. Every time I issue a POST
> request I get Error 405 (Method not allowed) along with an Allow
> response header that does not list POST in the list of allowed
> methods. We have tried to configure the server in several different
> ways - we allowed all methods for the directory to which I am
> POSTing, but there is no change in behavior. Can anyone shed some
> light on this?

I do not use MS IIS, but it sounds like you may be missing the
application on the server end to accept (do something with) POSTs. On
general-purpose web servers, one cannot POST to a directory or a file;
there has to be a program (e.g., a CGI script) on the server side for
processing of POST requests.


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