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FORM SELECT accessibility MegaZone (Saturday, 27 September)

WAI November Meeting dates fixed. Daniel Dardailler (Monday, 22 September)

Interesting Information Gregg Vanderheiden (Sunday, 21 September)

common classes Al Gilman (Friday, 19 September)

HTML4/CSS2 review Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 18 September)

Alternate SS Semantics Jason White (Wednesday, 17 September)

Dictionaries and possible media type ambiguity Jason White (Wednesday, 17 September)

Invisible D link. Gregg Vanderheiden (Tuesday, 16 September)

Braille media def'n (Was Re: accessibility review...) Murray Maloney (Tuesday, 16 September)

Dictionaries (was Re: Accessibility review ...) Murray Maloney (Tuesday, 16 September)

Dates of November meeting Chris Lilley (Thursday, 11 September)

Dave Raggett: Re: IMG ALT attribute in HTML 4.0 (fwd) Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 11 September)

Next Steps for the WAI WG's, CG and IG Jabrewerrr@aol.com (Saturday, 6 September)

Markup guidelines working group: reminder. Chuck Letourneau (Thursday, 4 September)

FW: webwatch-l scripting, dynamic Web pages, and disability Gregg Vanderheiden (Wednesday, 3 September)

RE: Audio Collisions David Pawson (Wednesday, 27 August)

Action: Proposal for HTML Access Murray Maloney (Tuesday, 26 August)

W3 WWW sites? T. V. Raman (Sunday, 24 August)

[w3c-wai-wg] <none> T. V. Raman (Sunday, 24 August)

Minutes, Reorg Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 22 August)

a 4 Type Document Collection with Resource Site Gregg Vanderheiden (Tuesday, 19 August)

Lowney's HTML extensions (was [w3c-wai-wg] <none>) Daniel Dardailler (Tuesday, 19 August)

RE: Confirmation november meeting Gregg Vanderheiden (Monday, 18 August)

[w3c-wai-wg] <none> Gregg Vanderheiden (Monday, 18 August)

Bobby version 2.0 Josh Krieger (Monday, 18 August)

Addition to guidelines Josh Krieger (Friday, 15 August)

Re: Confirmation november meeting Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 14 August)

[w3c-wai-wg] <none> Raman T. V. (Thursday, 14 August)

Audio Access Geoff Freed (Thursday, 14 August)

Scott Isensee: ANSI standard Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 13 August)

Notes Gregg Vanderheiden (Friday, 8 August)

OBJECT and map Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 8 August)

Notes from WAI Meeting Jon Gunderson (Thursday, 7 August)

Re: OSU FAQ archive? Al Gilman (Thursday, 7 August)

Rating WWW sites T. V. Raman (Wednesday, 6 August)

Daniel Glazman: TITLE of a FRAMEd document Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 6 August)

ALT vs TITLE vs a solution Al Gilman (Wednesday, 6 August)

Talking Books Alan Tannenbaum (Monday, 4 August)

Re: Notes. David Pawson (Monday, 4 August)

concurrent relationships pertaining to one element Al Gilman (Sunday, 3 August)

Re: Footnotes -Reply -Reply David Pawson (Friday, 1 August)

Digital Talking Book Meeting - Aug 4th in Boston M. T. Hakkinen (Friday, 1 August)

FW: Hot Metal Pioneers Authoring With Access Gregg Vanderheiden (Friday, 1 August)

Re: Footnotes -Reply David Pawson (Thursday, 31 July)

WAI Aug meeting Daniel Dardailler (Monday, 28 July)

RE: USEMAP - TOOL CREATOR RECOMMENDATION(s) Gregg Vanderheiden (Monday, 28 July)

Footnotes Jason White (Saturday, 26 July)

Braille CSS Requirements Document: draft available Jason White (Friday, 25 July)

Apology Jim Fruchterman (Thursday, 24 July)

HDML and TTML Mike Paciello (Tuesday, 22 July)

Accessibility Rating Daniel Dardailler (Tuesday, 22 July)

RE: ALT Text Notes and Guidelines (take 2) Gregg Vanderheiden (Tuesday, 22 July)

FW: Need some help (Alt text and descriptions) Gregg Vanderheiden (Monday, 21 July)

The WAI to keep the public informed... Mike Paciello (Monday, 21 July)

DNC .com problem Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 18 July)

WAI's man ! Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 17 July)

Re: ALT Text Notes and Guidelines (take 2) Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 17 July)

Audio Notes and Guidelines (FIXED) Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 17 July)

Apology Jim Fruchterman (Thursday, 17 July)

Audio Notes and Guidelines Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 17 July)

ALT Text Notes and Guidelines (take 2) Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 17 July)

draft guideline Al Gilman (Wednesday, 16 July)

Re: participation Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 16 July)

Outlining and paragraph numbering in CSS Jason White (Wednesday, 16 July)

Document Javier RomaƱach (Tuesday, 15 July)

When may we say we're done with the ACSS action item? Al Gilman (Monday, 14 July)

RE: Need some help (Alt text and descriptions) Gregg Vanderheiden (Saturday, 12 July)

Re: Alt text and descriptions Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 11 July)

Re: Need some help (Alt text and descriptions) Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 11 July)

HTTP HEAD not HTML <HEAD>...</HEAD> Al Gilman (Thursday, 10 July)

Acronyms and abbreviations revisited Jason White (Thursday, 10 July)

Re: Need some help (Alt te Larry Goldberg (Thursday, 10 July)

Jose Kahan: Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 10 July)

WAI August meeting finalized Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 10 July)

TEST: PLEASE IGNORE jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 10 July)

RE: Need some help (Alt text and descriptions) Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 10 July)

Latest Guidelines Gregg Vanderheiden (Thursday, 10 July)

August Meeting Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 9 July)

Need some help Javier RomaƱach (Tuesday, 8 July)

Re: ALT Description: Determining the Standard Murray Altheim (Monday, 7 July)

WAI August meeting Registration Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 4 July)

Re: CSS examples for Braille? Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: ALT revisited (short-term) Daniel Dardailler (Tuesday, 1 July)

Identifying print page numbers in HTML documents Jason White (Tuesday, 1 July)

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