Re: Identifying print page numbers in HTML documents

The proposal for using anchor elements is undoubtedly superior and I would
support it. However, they may be one potential problem. Admittedly, I have
not found time to read the entire CSS specification, but the initial
sections of that document indicate that only class and id attributes can
be used as selectors, not rel and rev attributes. Since it would be
desirable to be able to apply special speech or braille styles to anchor
elements that designate page numbers as distinct from other occurrences of
anchors, it may be necessary to use the class attribute in addition to, or
in place of, the rev and rel attributes. Another possibility would be to
modify CSS syntax to enable rev and rel attributes to act as selectors. I
apologize in advance if these remarks are mistaken, since I really should
have read all of the CSS documents before commenting.

Jason White.

Received on Tuesday, 1 July 1997 20:58:06 UTC