Identifying print page numbers in HTML documents

I understand that one of the action items currently in progress pertains
to the development of a mechanism for representing print page numbers in
HTML documents. This requirement is especially significant when the HTML
document is a transcript of a text that was originally supplied in printed
form, and it is desirable that users be able to refer to the page numbers
of the source document. The most obvious application would be the use of
HTML in the preparation of electronic texts for people with print

I have thought of a solution which, if valid, would not require any
modification to the HTML Cougar proposal. Essentially, it involves taking
advantage of the id attribute defined by HTML Cougar, as in the following

<P>Last line from print page 2. <span ID=ipp3> First line from print page

This would make the pagination available to speech and braille user
agents. One disadvantage of this suggestion is that existing user agents
would not display the ID value as part of the text of the document.

It might even be possible for id values beginning with the letters "ipp" 
to be reserved as print page indicators. If necessary, the page number
could be stated twice, once in an ID value and, immediately thereafter, in
the text of the document. 

End of page 2. <span ID=ipp3> {3} Start of page 3.

I am not completely sure that the above proposal is technically accurate,
but I understand from reading Cougar material that the ID attribute is
available in sufficiently many contexts to make this kind of approach
I also recall reading that id values must be unique; this would allow
verification software to detect inadvertent duplication of page numbers
within a document.

Jason White.

Received on Tuesday, 1 July 1997 04:41:46 UTC