Re: ALT revisited (short-term)

to follow up on what Daniel Dardailler said:
> Before commenting further: are you suggesting that the user-agent
> makes a HTTP GET for an image using a textual type (in the ACCEPT
> header, whose description is attached) to get the long description ?

No, that is a separate idea I hadn't figured out.  

What I was suggesting relies on the fact that the header fields
exchanged in HTTP can carry metadata about the message body.  A
server can provide a description of the image as the value of a
Content-Description: header or indirectly via something like an
X-Content-Description-References: header.

What header field(s) to look for can be managed through the
Internet Media Types attribute registration and usage guidelines.

For a client program with image display set off by user
preference, the client can send an HTTP request with method HEAD
and get the description without spending the net bandwidth and
time to transfer the binary image file.

Al Gilman

Received on Tuesday, 1 July 1997 08:44:01 UTC