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HTML 4.0 - parallel text Carrasco Benitez Manuel (Friday, 27 March)

German XML Translation - first Draft Stefan Mintert (Friday, 20 March)

HTML 4.0: list of translators from English to Italian Michele Diodati (Friday, 20 March)

[w3c-translators] <none> NEXTSOFT@IST.CERIST.DZ (Wednesday, 18 March)

Re: About errata Samira Cuny (Wednesday, 18 March)

German XML translation Stefan Mintert (Tuesday, 17 March)

RE: About file html40-errata.html Carrasco Benitez Manuel (Tuesday, 17 March)

Re: About file html40-errata.html Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Tuesday, 17 March)

[w3c-translators] <none> NEXTSOFT@IST.CERIST.DZ (Tuesday, 17 March)

Parallel texts Carrasco Benitez Manuel (Tuesday, 17 March)

How many people can YOU reach with a PENNY? marketing867@usa.net (Tuesday, 17 March)

About file "errata.html" Michele Diodati (Monday, 16 March)

The Only Company on The Internet that has it all!!!! (nil) (Friday, 13 March)

remove NEXTSOFT@IST.CERIST.DZ (Friday, 13 March)

About "dereferencing" Michele Diodati (Thursday, 12 March)

XML translation Stefan Mintert (Monday, 9 March)

spam? Arsaell (Monday, 9 March)

Section 8.4.4 in CSS2 spec. K.Okahashi (Monday, 9 March)

Hip Zepi, USA Catalog! robfred@usa.net (Sunday, 8 March)

40% Discount off Suggested list price of Quality Duplicating Inks & Masters The Ink Spot (Saturday, 7 March)

Meet Mark Hughes 83897738@aol.com (Thursday, 5 March)

Fwd: Japanese translation of the XML specification MURATA Makoto (Wednesday, 4 March)

[w3c-translators] <none> z887321 (Tuesday, 3 March)

How many people can YOU reach with a penny? advertise301@usa.net (Saturday, 28 February)

Q: credit for XML translation mintert@irb.informatik.uni-dortmund.de (Friday, 27 February)

Double quotation mark in references_html UCHIDA,Akira (Sunday, 22 February)

ISO88591? UCHIDA akira (Wednesday, 11 February)

[Q] white space after comment close delimiter UCHIDA akira (Sunday, 1 February)

Traducción - tradução Felipe Gouveia (Thursday, 29 January)

Dinmica del equipo de traduccin al espaol... Alfredo E. Alvarenga (Thursday, 29 January)

Cyrillic letter "I" Aleksey Shcherbakov (Thursday, 29 January)

About section 8.2.4 UCHIDA akira (Sunday, 18 January)

The word "HEBREW6" in section 8.2.3 UCHIDA akira (Saturday, 17 January)

HTML4 translation - some words Patrick Schmid (Wednesday, 14 January)

German translation Patrick Schmid (Tuesday, 13 January)

HTML40 specs' copyright notice Alexander Belopolsky (Monday, 12 January)

traduccion al Espaol del HTML 4.0 Ricardo Javier Bello Rosas (Saturday, 10 January)

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