Section 8.4.4 in CSS2 spec.


I have a question about the second sentence of the last paragraph in section
For right-to-left flow, the horizontal distance between the left side of a b
ox and the right side of the preceding box (or left side of the parent box i
s no preceding box exists) is similarly determined by the source element's '
margin' properties.
I wonder about the word "preceding".

For  example:

    <STYLE type="text/css">

This is rendered as follows:

    2napS 1napS

In this stuation, SPAN1 has no preceding box.
And I think that the horizontal distance between SPAN1 box and SPAN2 box is 
the distance between the left side of SPAN1 box and the right side of the"fo
llowing" box.

I'm sorry if it's my wrong guess.

Received on Sunday, 8 March 1998 23:07:36 UTC