Re: HTML4 translation - some words

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Patrick Schmid wrote:

> I have difficulties with two words:

> "user agent"
> "implementor"

We have used the term "user agent" against my better judgement.
It is basically the same as "browser" but also covers other kinds
of software agents, for instance Web spiders that roam the web
indexing pages, and printing agents that given a URL can retrieve
and print pages.

The term "implementor" refers to anyone implementing a browser
or other software agent that processes HTML.

Sorry, I can't help with the German. My knowledge of German
is very weak.

p.s. my book on HTML 4.0 is now available in a German translation
from Addison Wesley: "Raggett on HTML 4", pub 1998. ISBN
3 8273 1307 4, list price 79.90 DM


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