The Only Company on The Internet that has it all!!!!

The Only Company on The Internet that has it all!!!!


Thank you for taking a moment to read this email. This email is being sent hopefully as  
a useful piece of information for you. If you have no interest, I apologize for your time 
and please don’t worry you will not receive any more email from me and you are not 
added to any list that is created from my company.

After you read this email, if you are interested, please call me toll free at 800-942-
7913 and leave a message on our voice mail and your phone call will be returned 
promptly, Thank you.

I run a full service Marketing Company that can market your product or service with 
my expertise on the Internet. I have been in business since 1994 and have helped 
many achieve success through Internet Marketing.  Right now the largest form of 
communication is done through the Internet and 1998 promises to be another record 
breaking year.  
There are websites, storefronts, bulletin boards, news groups, classifieds, search 
engines, HTML, Java, uploads, downloads, usenet, bandwidth, email, spam..etc, etc, 
etc. To the novice user all of this information can be quite a lot to grasp. What if I can 
help you make the most of all of this Internet lingo and make these things work for 
you?? Would you be interested?
Now you may ask......
What can I offer to you??????

Custom targeted email address lists.........
No matter what your target is, I can compile a great list for you of people or 

that are interested in what you offer. Say, for instance, you would like to send a 

out to people interested in MLM; I can compile a list for you of people currently

involved in MLM.  If you would like a list of people looking for a business 

I can compile that list for you. You tell me your target; I will compile that list.  I can

even target your list geographically.

example...If your business is selling CD’s, and your company is based in NY; I can

gather a list of people in NY interested in CD’s.  I have a client that is involved in

MLM, who asked me to target 1000 opportunity seekers to start.  To his surprise he 
got 7

new people in his downline from just that one mailing.  Another client wanted to send 

letter out to birdwatchers.  I  targeted 5000 birdwatchers for him; and he, also, 
became a

very happy client of mine.
Some of my clients are getting results of 1-40%.  Targeted mailings start at $50 per

thousand, and I  can offer you a better price at higher quantities.

I can do the email for you and have all of the replies come directly to your email

address.  If you prefer to do the mailing yourself, I can help you get that set up as 

I can give you the information on how to obtain FREE mailing programs.

I do offer a 100% guarantee that my lists will be targeted to your topic.  I keep a 

file on all of my clients so if you order again you will never get any duplicate addresses

from me.

Webpage Design
I can design and create a fantastic webpage for you at a cost that no one can beat.  
My pages can be completed within a week.  I work with you to design a page that 
will bring

you business like never before.  I can also refer you to a provider to host your site. I 
can give you information to have your site placed in the best search engines on the 

Webpage Placement
The key to a successful Web Site is marketing. People have to know about your site 
in order to access it. Like all traditional marketing, there are many ways to promote 
your site. However, the Internet offers unique methods unavailable to the off-line
business world. The Indexed Search Sites. There are literally hundreds of search 
engines on the Internet. Each providing a slightly different scope and approach to 
indexing Web Sites and allowing users to search for keywords or categories. The 
"AIM" Site Marketing package includes listing your site on the following top search 
indexes as well as over 200 additional search engines: Yahoo Excite InfoSeek Lycos 
AltaVista  Complete Package $99.99 
Now if you would like to be on the top of those search engines, I  can offer that 
service to you as well. That is a guarantee that I can place your site in one of the top 
10 positions of any given search engine. My fees start at $300 per 20 keywords. 

Bulk Email Software and Bulk Email Address Lists....
If you prefer to just send out random email and I have to be honest with you, It tends 
to upset a lot of people, which I will never understand. I can sell you the Stealth Mass 
Mailer which can send your email out at rates of 100,000. Please be aware that 
unsolicited email is not illegal and should it ever become illegal, I will be no longer 
offering email services. More people respond positive to email. There are some 
people that get upset and would rather not hit the delete key. It makes me wonder 
what they do when they get junk mail in there postal boxes as well. I do have to say 
that targeted email gets you much better responses, you decide what works best for 

Posting to Classified Ads and News Groups and BBS.
I can post your ad for you and supply you daily with a copy of where your ads were 
placed for you to review. You will be surprised of the amount of responses that you 
receive if we place your ads where they belong in a group that is related to your topic.
This service starts at $100 per month.

I  have many more services that we would be happy to discuss with you.

I am sorry that this letter is long and drawn out but I did not want to miss anything 
important to tell you about. 
Here is what others have to say:

Everyone has an opinion......
“America OnLine’s own product pitches, made to customers as they sign on, and are 
phenomenally successful.  They are the profit driver for the company”
-Greg Shove, Vice President- America Online, Inc.

“A gold mine for those  who can take advantage of bulk email programs”
-The New York Times

“Email is an incredible lead generation tool”
-Crains Magazine

Apart from creating a WebPage for your company, there’s another do-it-yourself 
method of advertising that has powerful potential. I’m speaking of bulk email, a 
method of targeted appropriate online readers by the thousands or even millions and, 
with a simple click of your mouse, send them your letter via email.
-Entrepreneur Magazine

“Blows away traditional bulk mailing”
-Advertise Age

“It’s truly arrived. Email is the killer app so far in the online world”
-Kate Delhagen, Forrester Research Analyst

Thank you again for reading this email and if you choose not to call for more 
information, I want to wish you the best of success now and always.

toll free voice mail  800-942-7913

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