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> The translation of the HTML Specification represents an ideal
> opportunity to *specify* how to mark-up HTML with the objetive of having
> (aligned) *multilingual parallel texts*. Document marked in such a way
> will be easy to compare to check the correctness of the translation,
> harvesting terminology and other Language Engineering applications.

I think that most of the facilities needed for parallel text can
be provided by keeping the file structure and the identifiers
(HTML ID attributes) in the translations the same as in the original.
Parallel traversals then become rather easy to implement on a browser
(if you have the source code, or maybe with something such as Java
and/or DOM).

What are translators currently doing with respect to ID attributes?
Do you also translate them, or do you keep them as is? As for HTML
4.0, most of these references are chapter/section numbers or tag
names, so there seems to be no point in translating them.

Regards,   Martin.

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