Re: German XML Translation - first Draft

At 19:08 98/03/26 +0100, Stefan Mintert wrote:
Hi Stefan,

>  > In
>  > 
>  > >  <p xml:lang="de-DE">Ich hab' dich gern.</p>
>  > >  <p xml:lang="de-CH">Ch'ha di g舐n.</p>

> My target was to transform the example
> 	<p xml:lang="en-GB">What colour is it?</p>
> 	<p xml:lang="en-US">What color is it?</p>
> into an example which is understood by German readers. Since there are no 
> subcodes for German dialects registered with IANA, I could only use a 
> language code as the first subcode segment.
> My Swiss German isn't very good ;-) and I just found this example...

> So the following would be a better example?
> <p xml:lang="de-DE">In welcher Stra&szlig;e wohnst du?</p>
> <p xml:lang="de-CH">In welcher Strasse wohnst du?</p>
> (To prevent problems with you're Japanese setup I wrote the sharp s as a
> character reference &szlig;)

Thanks. I don't mind too much, but it will be distorted when I send it
back to you.

Anyway, I think the above is a nice example, and it can even be
extended a bit:

<p xml:lang="de-DE">In welcher Stra&szlig;e hast du geparkt?</p>
<p xml:lang="de-CH">In welcher Strasse hast du parkiert?</p>

> Sorry, I misunderstood this. And the translation example mentioned above
> ( has a
> similar link:
> ----
> This Japanese version translation is: 
>  and it can also be found at: 
> ----

I see. I will check what exactly we should do.

Regards,   Martin.

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