Re: spam?

I agree. There has to be something the list administrators can do about
the spam. I haven't even been able to delete one of the messages from
this weekend for some reason. If enough of us "complain" about the junk
to the senders, maybe we can flood their mailboxes and "discourage"
further messages. They usually provide a separate email address where
they receive legitimate replies which is different than the faked "From"


Arsaell wrote:

> Hi, I was just wandering why we get so many junk mail to this list?
> Is noone else anoid, or has everybody done something about this?
> This is rediculous!
> I guess I will be unsubscribing soon, if this does not improve.
> Regards
> Arsaell

Received on Monday, 9 March 1998 08:04:07 UTC