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(wrong string) …O(J - tradu鈬o

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[Q] white space after comment close delimiter

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About "dereferencing"

About "dereferencing" 2

About errata

About file "errata.html"

About file html40-errata.html

About section 8.2.4

Cyrillic letter "I"

Dinámica del equipo de traducción al español...

Double quotation mark in references_html

Fwd: Japanese translation of the XML specification

German translation

German XML translation

German XML Translation - first Draft

Hip Zepi, USA Catalog!

How many people can YOU reach with a PENNY?

HTML 4.0 - parallel text

HTML 4.0: list of translators from English to Italian

HTML4 translation - some words

HTML40 specs' copyright notice


Meet Mark Hughes

Parallel texts

Q: credit for XML translation


Section 8.4.4 in CSS2 spec.


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The word "HEBREW6" in section 8.2.3

traduccion al Español del HTML 4.0

Traducción - tradução

XML translation

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