German XML translation


I'd like to thank everyone of the W3C staff who answered our questions during
the last weeks. Since all questions concerning the copyright of a translation
have been answered positively, we will now begin with our translation of 
XML 1.0 into German. 

If all works fine we will publish a first version within the next week;
unfortunately we cannot attend the XML conference :-|
But when you return from Seattle you will probably find a German XML
translation on the web :-)

We have already an URL for the translation:
At the moment there's nothing valuable; just an announce...

Henning Behme and Stefan Mintert

BTW: Is there already a page for XML translations at the W3C site? (I just
know about a page for HTML 4 translations)



  Stefan Mintert        

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Received on Tuesday, 17 March 1998 16:56:25 UTC