Re: About errata

Dear all, 

As a translator, I think that the original specification should remain 
intact when it is translated in another language and we should not try 
to replace the corrections in the translation, because if we do so, that
will give a new document which will not be really a translation of the 
English specification. When improved versions of the English
are made, we will also make new improved translated versions.
But it is obvious that the translation of typographical error such as
"the the"
by "le" into French does not change the English specification. But for
semantic errors, it will.
I think that it is more a question of conformity to the English
than a question of ethics. It is in fact a question of OBJECTIVE. Our 
objective is to do translations of an English version as it was fixed 
at a given moment. 
Our work may raise questions about certain parts and that may lead to
that can be added in html40-errata. 
So in my opinion we must produce translations of the English
without any correction (if they are not minor typographical
But this doesn't mean that we shouldn't continue to discuss problems
that we encounter during our work.



Received on Wednesday, 18 March 1998 10:05:24 UTC