RE: About file html40-errata.html

Translator must translate and must not try to improve the source text.
They should point out the errors, terminological aspects, and other
suggestions to the author.  The author should take note: create an
errata document, improve future versions, etc.

Having aligned texts (see my previous posting) will help greatly with
maintaining the translations.


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> Excellent question, however I've become involved with the translation
> efforts mainly through policy and intellectual property concerns.
> Since this
> is an editorial issue, I'm cc'ing and the HTML
> 4.0
> editors. My initial response would to do a literal translation,
> including
> the errors. Another possibility, as you say is to, is to make note
> where you
> made the corrections, perhaps using a different color text or some
> such
> thing, but I am personally less comfortable with that.

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