Re: About section 8.2.4

Hello UCHIDA-san, (UCHIDA akira) wrote:

> I think that the word "not" in the last 4 words is NOT needed.
> > Because HTML uses the Unicode bidirectionality algorithm, conforming
> > documents encoded using ISO 8859-8 must be labeled as "ISO-8859-8-i".
> > Explicit directional control is also possible with HTML, but cannot be
> > expressed with ISO 8859-8, so "ISO-8859-8-e" should not be used.

No, the word "not" IS needed.  As noted in the previous paragraph of
Section 8.2.4, "ISO-8859-8-i" denotes implicit bidirectionality, and
"ISO-8859-8-e" denotes explicit directionality.

"Unicode bidirectionality algorithm" means implicit bidirectionality
algorithm, thus, "ISO-8859-8-e" should NOT be used.

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W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

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