HTML 4.0: list of translators from English to Italian

This message is directed to the person who takes care to update the page of
the translators at

I would want to communicate, in fact, the list of the volunteers who
constitute the group of Liber Liber, engaged in the translation of HTML 4.0
from English to Italian.

It is important for us that at the beginning of the list it is specified
that our volunteers make part of the cultural association Liber Liber, that
has promoted the initiative. Please, we would like that the Internet
address of our site - - was specified, too.

Here is the list of Liber Liber volunteers:

Stefano Basagni <>
Vincenzo Bitti <>
Gianluca Braschi <>
Anna Caprarelli <>
Domenico Ciuffreda <>
Simone Diamanti <>
Michele Diodati <>
Benedetto di Salle <>
Giorgio V. Felchero and Paola Blason <>
Daniele K. Gabriele <>
Enrico Grandi <>
Giorgio Guzzetta <>
Armando L. La Mura <>
Roberto Pili <>
Vittorio Romano <>

Our translation is underway. The translated sections and paragraphs are
already on line. The index of the translated files, with links to those
files, is at We accept
the W3C directives about copyright and redistribution descripted at In particular,
as soon as our translation will be completely finished, we will insert in
our final document the three informations listed at the point 2 of section
5.6, entitled "Can I translate one of your specifications into another
language?". Finally, if you want, you can insert since now, in the right
section of your translation.html page, a link to the general index of our
translation project (

Thank you in advance for your courtesy.

Michele Diodati

Received on Friday, 20 March 1998 04:33:19 UTC