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At 16.52 17/03/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Your questions was clear.  Perhaps my answer was not clear, but I tried
>to give a general answer that also cover your question.  The translation
>of the "HTML Specifications 4.0" of the 16 Dec 1998 should be exactly as
>the document is.
>Another possibility is to translate the errata and produce three
> - The translation of the HTML Specifications 4.0 (with the errors)
> - The translation of the errata.
> - A consolidated version of both documents.
>Considering all, the most sensible approach is to wait until there is
>the next version of the document (e.g., 4.1)  and translate it.  In
>practice, translating the small modifications.

Thank you for your further explanation. There is no problem for us in
translating the errata document too. My approach to the problem of known
errors concerns principles, not the number of file that we have to
translate. I recognize that copyright laws and ethics want total conformity
to the original text, but I think, at the same time, that integrating also
the semantic errors listed in html40-errata.html into our translation would
make the italian document more simple and comprehensible, as well compliant
to the semantic of the original english document (provided that we include,
wrapped around the correct text, a note and a link to the relative error
listed in html40-errata.html).

However this is only an opinion, so I do not have problems to adapt our
translation to the directives suggested from the W3C.

Michele Diodati - Roma (Italy)

Received on Wednesday, 18 March 1998 03:33:54 UTC