RE: HTML40 specs' copyright notice


IMHO, I think the sentence means that you (I assume you are a volunteered
translator as well) should not make modifications to the original text
during your translation. Take an extreme example, you can not put "W3C
Recommendation 18-Dec-97" into "W3C Recommended 27-12-97" or whatever as
this will alter the appearance of the original text and its original

Translation seems to me like re-creation, not simply modification or
derivation, anyway. :=))

Dear others, comments please.

From: Alexander Belopolsky

"No right to create modifications or derivatives is granted pursuant
to this license."  I am not good at reading legal texts, but to me it
seems to prohibit creation of translated versions.

Received on Sunday, 11 January 1998 22:30:07 UTC