Re: Cyrillic letter "I"

Aleksey Shcherbakov wrote:
> Dear Editors,
> Could You explain to me, what do You want to signify, when You said:
> ---------[start of cut]----------
> "Characters include the Latin letter "A", the Cyrillic letter "I",
> the Chinese character meaning "water", etc."
> ---------[end of cut]----------
> I would like to know, what words "Cyrillic letter 'I'" mean?
> There are two letters in Russian that can match to this description:
> the
> letter "I" or "Simple I"(outline is: "|/|") and the letter "Short
> I"(it is a
> letter "Simple I"("|/|") with small dash above it).
> Which of these letters You mention in specification?

The letter referred to is described by a Unicode reference
later on:

"Here are some examples of numeric character references: ..."

  * И (in decimal) represents the Cyrillic capital letter "I".

So, in effect, you are correct that "Cyrillic letter 'I'" by itself
is confusing, but the Unicode reference should tell you exactly
which character we're referring to.

Thank you,


Received on Thursday, 29 January 1998 14:06:22 UTC